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Top 3 Puppy Training Tips From an Expeirenced Dog Trainer in Nashville

Posted by Sit Happens Dog Training on Dec 30 2022

 The holidays are a magical time filled with joy and cheer, which make it a great time to train your puppy. But with everything else going on around the holiday season, it can be easy to forget about puppy training. However, the holiday season can present the perfect opportunity to bond with your furry friend and introduce them to new things. To ensure your puppy has a happy and healthy holiday season, here are the top three puppy training tips for the holidays:

1. Set Clear Expectations: It’s important to set clear expectations before starting holiday training with your puppy. This is especially true with puppies because they have shorter attention spans and need more guidance. And while it’s tempting to be lenient during the holidays, it’s important to create structure and consistent rules. Establish the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and stick to them. For example, if you tell your pup not to bark excessively at family members, make sure you enforce that rule to keep them in line. Positive reinforcement is an important part of positively influencing your puppy’s behavior. This method of training rewards good behaviors with treats, praise, or a toy, instead of punishment. Rewarding good behavior helps your puppy to remember which behaviors have consequences. During the winter months, your puppy will likely have a lot of extra energy due to spending much of their time indoors away from the colder weather. To ensure your puppy is still following the rules, keep up with daily positive reinforcement training. This goes a long way towards reminding them of your expectations and rules, and can also give them something to focus on if they become overly energetic.

2. Take Advantage of Meal Times: Meal times are a great time to incorporate your holiday puppy training lessons. During mealtime, you can reinforce certain behaviors and show that good behavior comes with a reward of a yummy treat. Take the time to teach puppy basic commands such as sit and stay, or puzzles and games to keep their minds occupied. Meal times are also a great opportunity for potty training and reinforcing potty habits. When the family gets together for the holidays it can be easy to forget about the puppy. It is important to remember that even if your pup has been well behaved, they are still a puppy, and need constant supervision. When providing free time for your pup, always be sure to stay nearby and be ready to intervene as needed. If there are more children around during the holidays, keep an extra close eye on your pup to ensure they are following the rules. This will help your puppy learn proper behavior and consequences for when they are in larger groups.

3. Create Bonding Opportunities: The holiday season is all about family gatherings, which offers a great opportunity for your puppy to be around friends and family. Make sure to let your puppy meet people, but be sure to set up a safe and comfortable setting for them. Monitor their behavior and be prepared to separate them if they become overly-excited or anxious. Also, don’t forget to bring along different types of treats and toys to help keep your puppy engaged and interested. This will encourage positive behaviors and create lasting, positive bonding experiences that will serve your puppy well beyond the holidays. Although the holidays are incredibly fun, they can also be incredibly loud and chaotic. Puppies, especially young puppies, can easily become overwhelmed or anxious. This can be especially true when it is a new setting with unfamiliar people. To ensure your pup is able to stay relaxed and calm, provide a quiet space with familiar toys, blankets, and treats. This will provide a safe place where your pup can go to relax and destress. Even if your pup doesn’t seem bothered by the commotion, they can still benefit from having a quiet place to retreat to when they need some alone time.

By following these three simple tips, you can ensure that your puppy has an enjoyable holiday season and also lay the groundwork for lifelong, loyal companionship. Start introducing these tips to your puppy early and watch how their behavior improves and their understanding grows. Most of all, have fun with your puppy and allow them to explore the holiday joy that comes with it!


Dave is amazing!! He changed my dog and I’s lives! He is reliable and hard working. His work not only trains the dog but more especially the owner on how to handle their dog. I would give 6 stars if possible! Thank you Dave!

emily medlock

Positive: Quality
Dave helped us immensely with our five-year-old Yorkie mix, Max. Max's behavior at the door, getting the leash on, getting the muzzle on for vet visits -- all that and more had gotten incredibly difficult. We saw *significant* improvements -- in just a couple of weeks -- with minor changes to our behavior and patterns. Dave is both personable and results-oriented, while also demonstrating his love for dogs, including ours. We recommend Dave!

Cliff Vaughn

Positive: Quality
We are so glad we met Dave! We adopted a puppy 4 weeks ago, and he has been a HUGE support for us integrating Merlin into our family. He has taught us how to get started training early, and he has responded very fast to any questions we have outside of our sessions. We can't wait to continue working with our new addition to get him trained off-leash like Dave's dog. We can't recommend him enough!

Mikaela Rivera

Positive: Quality
I LOVE Dave! I've known him 5 years and I still go back to him with questions, he is committed, responsive and just gets it. He has been my Go To trainer for my 5 year old Weimaraner Grace Olivia from the moment I brought her home - from the beginning he showed so much care and concern for my girl, and she is AMAZING because of his efforts to train me! I am getting a new puppy soon and you better believe he/she will be a Sit Happens graduate as well!

CarrieAnn Kilpatrick

Positive: Quality